Weird and Fun Trivia Quiz Part 3 Answers

Answers to a fun trivia quiz. Test your knowledge of weird random facts.



14. One was John Reed, an author-adventurer, and the other was William D. "Big Bill" Haywood, a radical labor leader. Reed, who came from a wealthy Portland, Ore., family, was a Harvard graduate who wrote for The Masses, a socialist magazine. Covering W.W. I as a correspondent, Reed became a friend of Lenin. In 1919 Reed headed the Communist Labor party in the U.S. Indicted for treason, he escaped to Russia. Before his "exile," he produced his best book, Ten Days That Shook the World, an eyewitness account of the Russian Revolution. In 1920, three days short of his 33rd birthday, he died in Moscow of typhus. He was buried inside the Kremlin. William Haywood, leader of the Industrial Workers of the World, the radical IWW, or Wobblies, was charged with being accessory to a murder in Idaho. Clarence Darrow defended him and he was acquitted. In 1918, under the new U.S. wartime laws, Haywood was tried for sedition in a 138-day Chicago trial, found guilty, sentenced to 20 years' imprisonment and a $10,000 fine. When the U.S. Supreme Court rejected his appeal, he jumped bail and found a haven in the Soviet Union. He never became a Communist. In Moscow he explained that as a Wobbly he knew "how to sock scabs and mine guards and policemen ... but wasn't as long on the ideological stuff as the Russians." Homesick and lonely, he died in Moscow in 1928. The Soviets respected him and buried him inside the Kremlin.

15. The field is 53 1/3 yd. wide.

16. Four hours a year.

17. Triskaidekaphobia.

18. Henry Morton Stanley enlisted with the Confederates, was taken prisoner, then joined the Union. Seven years after that he went to Africa to find Dr. David Livingstone.

19. One tenth of one calorie.

20. Tug-of-war, rowing, swimming the backstroke.

21. St. Peter in the New Testament says a few means 8: "the days of Noah while the ark was being constructed, in which a few, that is, eight souls were being conveyed safely through water." The Koran says a few means 3 to 10. Webster's Third New International Dictionary says, "consisting of a small number ... not many but some." Expert George Stimpson says, "It is relative in respect to the number to which it is compared. If 10 persons attend a meeting where 100 are expected, 10 are a few; on the other hand, if 100 attend when several thousand are expected, 100 are a few."

22. 50 to 70.

23. Tomania.

24. He would see a movie in shades of gray. Dogs can't distinguish colors. Next time, take a bird. Most birds can see colors.

25. Theda Bara, the celebrated screen vamp of silent picture days. Theda was derived from an anagram of Death. Bara is merely Arab spelled backwards.

26. A Volkswagen.

27. Race car.

28. H. R. Haldeman and Ron Ziegler had been employees of Disneyland.

29. The half-Christian, half-Muslim nation of Lebanon, where the official language is Arabic.

30. If you were Japanese and the calendar read "Dec. 7, 1941," you would start the attack on Pearl Harbor.

31. King Rudolf V.

32. Douglas Corrigan. In 1938 he said he was flying (in an old plane with a faulty compass and no radio) from New York to San Diego, then pretended to get mixed up and flew across the Atlantic Ocean to Ireland--to become renowned as "Wrongway" Corrigan.

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