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About a collector of beer cans, history and description of the collection.



Collectors: Peter and Arthur Ressel, St. Louis, Mo.

The Beer Can Collectors of America (BCCA) have a motto: "Don't kick the can." After all, it may be a collector's item.

Peter and Arthur Ressel (father and son) have a miscellaneous collection of over 5,000 different beer cans. The foreign and domestic cans range in size from 7 oz. to 5 liters. The Ressels find their hobby graphically interesting as well as inexpensive.

One of their favorite cans is from 1934. The Krueger Beer Company of Richmond, Va., test-marketed an unnamed prototype which was sent to the breweries to promote the concept of canned beer. The Ressels' 1934 "Brewer Test Can" has never been opened. It took 35 years for canned beer to surpass bottled beer in yearly sales.

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