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Collectors: Fay and Jimmy Rodolfos, Woburn, Mass.

The birth of quintuplets to Oliva and Elzire Dionne in rural Ontario, Canada, on May 28, 1934, was a human interest story all over the world. The birth was considered something of a miracle, since the quints were the only identical set of quintuplets that had ever survived. Elzire was 25 years old at the time of their birth and had already given birth to six children, the youngest only 11 months old. She had no prenatal care whatsoever until a week before the birth. The first three girls had been delivered by two midwives by the time the doctor arrived to deliver two more girls. A wicker basket was used to hold the babies, who weighed a total of 10 lb., 5 1/2 oz.

Although the quintuplets were always pictured as happy children completely removed from any of life's normal problems, underneath that facade lay a sad story that the public was not aware of. Their exploitation resulted in a rather tragic adulthood for them. Two are already dead. Their mother still lives very close to the place where the quintuplets were born.

Fay and Jimmy Rodolfos have one of the finest collections of Dionne memorabilia in the world. It includes all types of souvenir items--"Famous Five" dolls, postcards, scrapbooks, newspaper and magazine articles, photos, paper dolls, and much more. It all began when they added a set of Dionne dolls to their baby-doll collection. After some preliminary research, they "were hooked with `Dionne Quint fever'" and have been collecting ever since.

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