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Collector: Elizabeth Lowe, Middleton, Wis.

Everyone dreams approximately 1,500 dreams a year. Elizabeth Lowe, a librarian and owner of a small mail-order publishing house, is currently assembling "a people's collection of dreams." Lowe has over 2,500 dreams, including her own, which she has been collecting for over 16 years. She eventually hopes to publish an uninterpreted collection, with the dreamers identified only by age and gender. All types of dreams will be included, from the ordinary to the bizarre. Lowe runs ads in newspapers and journals asking people to send her their dreams for her collection. She leaves the interpretation up to the dreamer. Write to Lowe at: Dreams Unlimited, P.O. Box 247, Middletown, Wis. 53562.

One of Lowe's favorite recurring dreams is her own. In it a miniature elephant frolics in her bathtub, making a glorious mess.

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