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About a collector of Mack Trucks, history and description of the collection.



Collector: R. S. "Dick" Kemp, Hillsboro, N. H.

Equipment operator Dick Kemp is the proud owner of over 90 old trucks (mostly Mack) that date back as far as 1916. One 1916 Selden with wooden spokes was once used as a street sprinkler.

Kemp began his collection in 1952 with a 1930 Bulldog Mack which he bought for $50. Only 63 Mack trucks were built in 1947, and he owns 2 of them.

Kemp, a bachelor now 50 years old, has spent his entire life in the house he was born in on the Contoocook River. His father taught him to drive a truck at the age of 14, and he was doing it for a living by the time he was 16.

Visitors come from all over the U.S. and Canada to see Kemp's collection, which is exhibited in a large garage nearby and in a yard next door. He has received countless offers to sell his trucks, but his answer is always the same: "Nothing for sale." He does all his own restoration work ("I just get them so they run and look half decent").

Kemp's Mack Truck Museum is free to all visitors during daylight hours "as long as they don't destroy."

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