Weird and Unusual Collections World War II Radio Broadcasts

About a collector of WWII radio broadcasts, history and description of the collection.



Collector: Doug Hodge, Honolulu, Hawaii

Doug Hodge likes to "make history come alive" by listening to the actual radio broadcasts of historical events. His collection of over 20,000 broadcasts has a special emphasis on W.W. II, including documentaries, newscasts, win-the-war campaigns, and war-related commercials.

Just as television made Vietnam a reality in American homes, so radio brought in the sounds of the W.W. II battlefield, allowing listeners to form their own vivid images. One of Hodge's favorite broadcasts dates from May, 1942. The Mauna Loa volcano had erupted on the island of Hawaii, much to the concern of military personnel who were still jittery over the attack on Pearl Harbor. Worried that the spectacular lava flow would serve as a beacon to enemy aircraft, CBS ordered correspondent Webley Edwards to keep this hot news item a secret for almost a month, until the volcanic activity had subsided. The network then allotted Edwards several minutes to give his eyewitness account of the event. He describes it in such graphic detail that listeners can clearly visualize the eruption.


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