World Country Albania

About the world country Albania, its location, size, population, and who is in power.



Location: On the western coast of the Balkan Peninsula in southeastern Europe, bordered by Yugoslavia and Greece. Size: 11,100 sq. mi. (28,748 sq. km.). Population: 2,773,000.

Who Really Rules: Governed by the Albanian Workers' (Communist) party, led by Enver Hoxha, Albania forbids dissent, religious practice, and emigration. In 1978, following Albania criticism of China's new leadership, China cut off assistance, which had totaled $800 million in 17 years. Since then Albania's state-owned economy has sought new trading links in western and eastern Europe.

Albania is energy self-sufficient. It has no income tax and no inflation. The government also makes sure that there are no blue jeans, narrow trousers, or cosmetics. Drugs, premarital sex, and chewing gum are also forbidden.

Albania was a monarchy for a brief time before W.W. II. Now the former king's 6-ft. 9-in. son, Leka, claims the throne. The Wall Street Journal reported in 1979 that King Leka was last seen in Zimbabwe, "preparing to direct a guerrilla invasion of Albania from southern Africa."

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