World Country Algeria

About the world country Algeria, its location, size, population, and who is in power.



Location: In northern Africa, from the Mediterranean coast into the Sahara Desert, between Morocco and Tunisia. Size: 919,591 sq. mi. (2,381,741 sq. km.). Population: 19,709,000.

Who Really Rules: Algeria is governed by the collective leadership of the socialist FLN (National Liberation Front), the only legal party. In 1979, following the death of longtime president Houari Boumedienne, the Front chose Col. Chadli Benjedid, the army chief, as his successor.

The Algerian economy is controlled by the government, whose officials have a reputation for corruption. The most important enterprise is the state-owned petroleum and natural gas company. Sonatrach.

Periodically, the Berber minority, which comprises one sixth of Algeria's population, has protested the government's suppression of the Berber language and culture. The government's response to the latest uprising, in April, 1980, left 30 dead. Algeria receives arms from the U.S.S.R.; its economy is still closely tied to France, its former colonial master; and it ships fuel to the U.S.

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