World Country Austria

About the world country Austria, its location, size, population, and who is in power.



Location: Landlocked in the Alps of central Europe. Size: 32,374 sq. mi. (83,849 sq. km.). Population: 7,476,000.

Who Really Rules: Chancellor Bruno Kreisky's Socialist party holds a majority in the freely elected parliament. Though capitalist and open to foreign investment, Austria has a highly developed social welfare system and a history of labor-management cooperation. As a neutral state situated between the Soviet bloc and the nations of the Common Market, Austria-particularly its capital, Vienna-has prospered with the rise in East-West trade. Though neutral, Austria is a major international supplier of small arms and ground vehicles, including jeeps and tanks. The major arms manufacturer, Puch, is better known in the U.S. for its mopeds, however.

In 1978 Austrians narrowly voted not to begin operating an already constructed nuclear power plant.

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