World Country Bahamas

About the world country Bahamas, its location, size, population, and who is in power.



Location: A chain of West Indies islands, northeast of Cuba, southeast of Florida. Size: 5,380 sq. mi. (13,935 sq. km.). Population: 244,000 (80% black, 10% white, 10% mixed).

Who Really Rules: The traditional white elite still hold top positions in private business and the civil service, but the predominantly black Progressive Liberal party controls the elective House, the key body in the Bahamas' three-party, British-model parliamentary system.

Foreign corporations play a leading role in the economy, which is based upon tourism and gambling, the refining of imported oil, and international finance. More than a mere tax haven, the Bahamas-that is, the capital city of Nassau-have become a major center for international financial activity, where major U.S., Canadian. and European banks conduct unregulated "offshore" lending activity.

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