World Country Belize

About the world country Belize, its location, size, population, and who is in power.



Location: On the Gulf of Honduras (Caribbean Sea) in Central America, between Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula and Guatemala. Size: 8,867 sq. mi. (22,965 sq. km.). Population: 167,000 (51% black, 22% mestizo, 19% American Indian).

Who Really Rules: Guatemala had claimed Belize since 1859, but more than a century of British rule created a separate Belizean national identity. The fear of a Guatemalan invasion has kept the U.K. and its troops in the country, but a territorial settlement was reached between the three countries early in 1981, paving the way to Belizean independence. Predominantly black, English-speaking Belizeans identify with the formerly British island nations in the Caribbean; in fact, Belize is a member of the Caribbean Common Market.

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