World Country Bolivia

About the world country Bolivia, its location, size, population, and who is in power.



Location: Landlocked in central South America. Size: 424,163 sq. mi. (1,098,581 sq. km.). Population: 5,564,000.

Who Really Rules: On July 17, 1980, the Bolivian government changed hands for the 189th time in 155 years since independence. A three-man military junta, led by Gen. Luis Garcia Meza, voided the June 29 election which had given a moderate-left coalition a plurality. Unlike previous military governments, the Garcia Meza junta began a severe campaign of repression against the regime's opponents, including major political parties, organized labor, the press, and the church. The military government of neighboring Argentina reportedly played a key role in the July, 1980, coup, and both Brazil and Argentina are providing ongoing support for Garcia Meza.

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