World Country Brazil

About the world country Brazil, its location, size, population, and who is in power.



Location: In east central South America. Size: 3,286,473 sq. mi. (8,511,965 sq. km.). Population: 120,000,000.

Who Really Rules: Brazil's armed forces, in power since a 1964 coup, are presently dominated by a faction favoring "limited liberalization." Under President Joao Figueiredo, the fifth successive general to hold that office, Brazil has reduced its human rights violations and announced plans to hold open elections in 1982.

Brazil's economy is essentially a joint venture between multinational corporations-from the U.S., Japan, and West Germany-and government-owned enterprises. Under the military, both industry and export-oriented agriculture have expanded rapidly, but the benefits have not sifted down to the vast numbers of urban and rural poor. Critics of military economic policies include Roman Catholic church leaders and organized labor.

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