World Country Cameroon

About the world country Cameroon, its location, size, population, and who is in power.



Location: At the bend of Africa, on the Gulf of Guinea between Nigeria and Equatorial Guinea. Size: 183,568 sq. mi. (475,442 sq. km.). Population: 8,583,000.

Who Really Rules: President Ahmadou Ahidjo rules Cameroon with only disorganized opposition. A Muslim northerner, his major challenge is to balance the various ethnic, religious (including Catholic and Muslim), and regional (particularly British and French) factions. French expatriates hold important positions in government and business, and the southwestern Bamileke group (one quarter of the population) controls most internal commerce. Most of the economy is in the hands of domestic or foreign private owners, but all is subject to government planning.

France, which placed Ahidjo in power while suppressing a left-wing independence movement, is still the country's major ally and trading partner.

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