World Country Cape Verde

About the world country Cape Verde, its location, size, population, and who is in power.



Location: Ten major and five minor islands in the Atlantic Ocean, 300 mi. west of Senegal. Size: 1,557 sq. mi. (4,033 sq. km.). Population: 332,000.

Who Really Rules: From the attainment of independence from Portugal in 1975 until the November, 1980, coup in Guinea-Bissau, Cape Verde was ruled by the revolutionary left-wing Partido Africano da Independencia da Guinee e Cabo Verde (PAIGC). When the PAIGC was overthrown in Guinea-Bissau, its Cape Verde branch changed its name and reorganized. The party relies on mass mobilization, directed at agricultural production, to build the nation. Since the islands have been experiencing a drought since the late 1960s, the government focuses popular energy on water and soil conservation, but it is also developing its own fishing industry.

More than 300,000 Cape Verdians, mostly men, work in Senegal, the U.S., Europe, and elsewhere. Their remittances are a major source of national income.

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