World Country Czechoslovakia or Czech Republic

About the world country Czechoslovakia, its location, size, population, and who is in power.



Location: Landlocked in eastern Europe, south of Poland, southeast of Germany, and north of Austria and Hungary. Size: 49,370 sq. mi. (127,869 sq. km.). Population: 15,475,000 (64% Czech, 30% Slovak).

Who Really Rules: Czechoslovakia is ruled by the Czechoslovakian Communist party and the semi-independent Slovakia Communist party. Gustav Husak has been president and party leader since the 1968 Soviet-led invasion removed the reformist regime of Alexander Dubcek. Under Husak, the government has cracked down on all forms of opposition.

Except for the party elite, all workers in the state-owned, centrally planned economy receive essentially the same pay. Production incentives, introduced in 1978, have caught on slowly, but the underground economy and black market thrive.

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