World Country Denmark

About the world country Denmark, its location, size, population, and who is in power.



Location: Jutland Peninsula and adjacent islands north of Germany, south of the Scandinavian Peninsula, in northern Europe. Size: 16,629 sq. mi. (43,069 sq. km.). Population: 5,157,000.

Who Really Rules: Denmark's welfare state has survived the tax revolt of the early 1970s with only minor changes. Although Denmark is a capitalist country, the government guarantees a wide range of social services and assistance. The labor movement is particularly strong, and the leftist Social Democratic party has for many years been the leading bloc in Denmark's multiparty parliamentary system.

Denmark is an active participant in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). However, in 1980, when Denmark failed to increase military spending as required by NATO, U.S. Secretary of Defense Harold Brown threatened to end the U.S. commitment to defend the country.

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