World Country Egypt

About the world country Egypt, its location, size, population, and who is in power.



Location: Northeastern corner of Africa, fronting both the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea. Size: 386,660 sq. mi. (1,001,449 sq. km.).

Population: 41,502,000.

Who Really Rules: Egypt has been ruled since 1970 by President Anwar el-Sadat, who created the National Democratic party in 1978 to bolster his regime. Sadat suppresses opposition from the left, including supporters of the late president, Gamal Nasser, and from the Muslim fundamentalist right. At times immensely popular, Sadat holds on to power through his ability to maintain the expectation of a rising standard of living. His Camp David accords with Israel were popular in Egypt largely because much of the population expected a "peace dividend."

Egypt has a mixed economy, with an open door to foreign investment since 1974. Most Egyptians, however, have not benefited from the rapid growth of international economic activity under the open-door policy.

Since the original Camp David accords in 1978, Arab governments have cut off their official aid programs to Egypt, but the U.S. has become an important source of assistance, as well as a military ally.

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