World Country Gabon

About the world country Gabon, its location, size, population, and who is in power.



Location: Between Equatorial Guinea and the Congo on the Atlantic (Gulf of Guinea) coast of Africa. Size: 103,346 sq. mi. (267,667 sq. km.).

Population: 605,000 (excluding recent immigrants).

Who Really Rules: Resource-rich Gabon is ruled by President El Hadj Omar Bongo and his Gabonese Democratic party. Though the country has a minimum wage and a social security system, income levels vary considerably. Most skilled jobs are held by French nationals--there are about 25,000 in Gabon--and African expatriates. Bongo has amassed a fortune while president. In 1979 he justified the purchase of a $2 million home in Beverly Hills, Calif., by virtue of the fact that his daughters were attending school in Los Angeles.

Gabon is an ally of France, its former master, and takes part in joint military maneuvers. Economic policy is influenced by American and European banks, whose primary concern is that the extraction and export of lumber, manganese, uranium, and petroleum remain undisturbed.

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