World Country Ghana

About the world country Ghana, its location, size, population, and who is in power.



Location: On the Gulf of Guinea (Atlantic Ocean), between Togo and the Ivory Coast, in Africa. Size: 92,099 sq. mi. (238,537 sq. km.).

Population: 12,737,000.

Who Really Rules; In September, 1979, the Armed Forces Revolutionary Council, which had been in control for less than four months, turned power over to a freely elected government headed by President Hilla Limann of the People's National party. Limann has done little to curb corruption or bolster the country's sagging economy other than to impose "austerity" measures urged by the International Monetary Fund. Those measures sparked a series of strikes and led to speculation about a right-wing coup or a popular uprising led by former Flight Lt. Jerry Rawlings, the young officer who led the popular military government that preceded Limann.

Volta Aluminum, owned by Kaiser Aluminum and Reynolds Metals, uses 70% of the Akosombo Dam's electrical power to smelt aluminum. The company's 30-year contract for cheap power does not expire until 1997, but it still imports bauxite from Jamaica and ignores Ghana's deposits.

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