World Country Guinea

About the world country Guinea, its location, size, population, and who is in power.



Location: On the west African coast, between Guinea-Bissau and Sierra Leone. Size: 94,964 sq. mi. (245,957 sq. km.). Population: 5,655,000.

Who Really Rules: Since independence in 1958, Guinea has been governed by President Sekou Toure, leader of its only party, the Democratic party of Guinea. Ostensibly socialist, the country is essentially under Toure's personal rule. Most of the economy is state-run, but following demonstrations by market women in 1977, the government abandoned a two-year experiment in government market control. Toure has released several hundred political prisoners in recent years, but human rights violations continue.

The Soviet Union, which helped develop Guinea's bauxite mines, imports most of the country's bauxite. Guinea does not always toe the Soviet line, and in the mid-1970s Guinea reopened relations with France and its pro-French neighbors.

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