World Country Hungary

About the world country Hungary, its location, size, population, and who is in power.



Location: Landlocked in east central Europe, north of Yugoslavia. Size: 35,919 sq. mi. (93,030 sq. km.). Population: 10,791,000.

Who Really Rules: Since the Soviet Union crushed the 1956 uprising, Hungary's Socialist Workers' party (Communist) government has been led by Janos Kadar. Despite the presence of 70,000 Soviet troops, Hungary is one of the most liberal of Soviet bloc regimes. The government tolerates social criticism but not political opposition.

All industrial and agricultural production is organized in cooperatives or state-owned firms, but the government allows those enterprises to follow market economics. A large portion of Hungary's economic activity takes place in the "secondary" economy, where service and construction workers moonlight. Even four-story apartment buildings have been built in this unofficial sector.

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