World Country Italy

About the world country Italy, its location, size, population, and who is in power.



Location: A peninsula in south central Europe, jutting from the Alps into the Mediterranean Sea, plus the islands of Sardinia and Sicily to the southwest. Size: 116,303 sq. mi. (301,225 sq. km.). Population: 57,513,000.

Who Really Rules: Italy's multiparty parliamentary democracy is perpetually in crisis. Since W.W. II the Christian Democratic party has led the government, presently in coalition with the Socialists. The independent Communist party is the largest opposition bloc.

Italy's provincial, regional, and local governments have substantial authority. Left-wing, Communist-led coalitions control many of those governments, including those of most of Italy's major cities.

With key U.S. and NATO military bases in Italy, the U.S. has strongly discouraged the Christian Democratic leadership from allowing Communist participation in the government.

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