World Country Ivory Coast

About the world country Ivory Coast, its location, size, population, and who is in power.



Location: On the south coast of western Africa, between Liberia and Ghana. Size: 124, 503 sq. mi. (322,463 sq. Km.). Population: 8,513,000.

Who Really Rules: Since independence in 1960, the Ivory Coast has been ruled by the firm hand of President Felix Houphouet-Boigny. Not until 1980 did his Democratic party allow candidates not selected by party leadership to run for the National Assembly. In the 1980 legislative elections, only 20 of 147 incumbents were returned to office.

The Ivory Coast has a consistent record of economic growth, based upon export-oriented farm products such as cacao and coffee. Some of the wealth trickles down to the peasantry, but land ownership is becoming more concentrated. Houphouet-Boigny himself has massive holdings. The economy is controlled by French corporations and other foreign investors and by local French and Lebanese. French expatriates hold key positions in Ivory Coast government and industry, and several hundred French troops are stationed there.

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