World Country Japan

About the world country Japan, its location, size, population, and who is in power.



Location: Four major and many minor islands off the east coast of Asia, near the Korean Peninsula. Size: 143,750 sq. mi. (372,313 sq. km.).

Population: 118,783,000.

Who Really Rules: The Liberal Democratic party, which holds a solid majority in both houses of the National Diet, has governed Japan since W.W.II. The pro-business LDP is made up of a number of personality-oriented factions.

Japanese industry is organized into several huge zaibatsu, economic groups that descend from the prewar holding companies of "fascist" Japan. Each zaibatsu is headed by at least one major bank, which influences member corporations by controlling their financial sources. The presidents of companies in each group meet regularly. The government, through agencies such as the powerful Ministry of International Trade and Industry, cooperates with zaibutsu leaders in establishing industrial and government policy. This integrated form of capitalism has been nicknamed "Japan, Inc.," because of the ability of the Japanese government and companies to unite around an apparent single goal.

Japan is the only major capitalist nation with minimal American investment or economic control. The U.S. does exercise considerable influence over Japan, however, through the presence of more than 44,000 air, land, and sea forces.

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