World Country Kuwait

About the world country Kuwait, its location, size, population, and who is in power.



Location: A small enclave at the northwest end of the Persian Gulf, between Saudi Arabia and Iraq. Size: 6,880 sq. mi. (17,818 sq. km.). Population: 1,478,000 (including 450,000 native Kuwaitis and 300,000 Palestinians).

Who Really Rules: Kuwait is a Bedouin emirate, ruled by the al-Sabah family. Since 1976, when the emir dissolved the National Assembly, there has been no elective body. The ruling family uses Kuwait's enormous oil revenues to provide essential goods and services to citizens and expatriates free or for nominal cost. Citizens also have the right to own land. There are a number of prosperous merchant families, such as the al-Ghanim family, whose YAAS (Yusuf A. al-Ghanim & Sons) retails cars, airline tickets, television sets, construction equipment, and virtually everything else in Kuwait.

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