World Country Martinique

About the world country Martinique, its location, size, population, and who is in power.



Location: An island in the eastern Caribbean, between St. Lucia and Dominica. Size: 425 sq. mi. (1,102 sq. km.). Population: 315,000 (90% black).

Who Really Rules: An overseas department of France, Martinique is one of the last vestiges of colonalism in the Lesser Antilles. Its citizens vote in French elections, and it is governed by the Paris regime, which subsidizes the island's economy. Thousands of white "Metropolitan" French, who hold skilled and professional jobs in the public and private sector, make up the island's elite, along with several landed Creole families.

Now that neighboring islands have gained independence from Britain, Martinique political parties and labor unions are agitating for independence. France, which originally claimed the island in 1635, intends to hold on, however.

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