World Country Morocco

About the world country Morocco, its location, size, population, and who is in power.



Location: Northwest corner of Africa, between Algeria and the Western Sahara (the latter is claimed by Morocco). Size: 172,413 sq. mi. (446,550 sq. km.). Population: 21,886,000.

Who Really Rules: Morocco is the last monarchy in northern Africa. There is a partially elected National Assembly, but King Hassan II holds real power. Moroccan society is characterized by corruption and an uneven distribution of income. One of the most pro-Western Arab states, Morocco receives arms from the U.S., France, and Egypt. It has intervened militarily in black Africa--Zaire, for instance--to support pro-Western leaders.

When Morocco first claimed control of two thirds of neighboring Western Sahara in 1975, nationalist feeling improved the king's popularity. Today, locked in an unwinnable war of counterinsurgency, many view the venture as too costly. Political fallout from the war could prompt a military coup. Aware of this possibility, Hassan limits the authority of his generals.

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