World Country Philippines

About the world country Philippines, its location, size, population, and who is in power.



Location: Large island chain ins Southeast Asia, across the South China Sea from Indochina. Size: 115,830 sq. mi. (300,000 sq. km.). Population: 50,718,000.

Who Really Rules: The Philippines has been under the authoritarian rule of President Ferdinand Marcos since he declared martial law in 1972. During martial law, Marcos, his family members, and his associates became notoriously wealthy. For instance, his cousin-in-law Herminio Disini has made millions of dollars on the government's U.S.-financed nuclear reactor project on the Bataan Peninsula.

Under Marcos, the Philippines has adopted an export-oriented economic development strategy based on foreign loans and investment. Economic policy is in the hands of the World Bank and Philippine technocrats friendly to the World Bank. In exchange for permitting the continued operation of strategic bases at Subic Bay (U.S. Navy) and Clark Field (U.S. Air Force), the Philippines receives substantial U.S. economic aid and weapons. Certain areas of the country are controlled by guerrilla forces of the New People's Army, a Communist movement, and the Moro National Liberation Front, representing Muslim autonomists in the south.

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