World Country Seychelles

About the world country Seychelles, its location, size, population, and who is in power.



Location: About 90 equatorial islands in the western Indian Ocean, about 1,000 mi. east of Kenya and Tanzania. Size: 108 sq. mi. (280 sq. km.). Population: 68,000.

Who Really Rules: The Seychelles republic is ruled by the Seychelles People's Progressive Front, whose leader, President France Albert Rene, seized power in 1977. (Rene was already prime minister.) Under the constitution adopted in June, 1979, no opposition parties are permitted, but one third of all SPPF members of the People's Assembly are former members of the deposed opposition.

The government, which considers itself socialist, has close ties to labor but outlaws strikes. It closed the only political publication in the country in 1979. Rene's proposal for a mandatory National Youth Service faces widespread opposition.

A U.S.-owned satellite-tracking facility is the islands' largest employer. Though Rene is an outspoken proponent of Indian Ocean demilitarization, Western diplomats fear he may permit the Soviets to establish a naval base in the Seychelles.

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