World Country Solomon Islands

About the world country Solomon Islands, its location, size, population, and who is in power.



Location: Southeastern part of the Solomon Islands group, including Guadalcanal, in southwestern Pacific, east of New Guinea. Size: 10,983 sq. mi. (28,446 sq. km.). Population: 236,000 (93% Melanesian, 4% Polynesian).

Who Really Rules: Evangelist lay preacher Peter Kenilorea was elected prime minister after the 1980 parliamentary elections, the first since independence in 1978. The nascent political parties of the islands are based upon personalities, not policies. Europeans still run the bureaucracy.

Foreign corporations, led by Unilever, control the timber industry, and in 1980 villagers on the island of Kolombangara fought Unilever for control of their lands.

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