World Country South Africa Venda

About the world country South Africa and the region Venda, its location, size, population, and who is in power.



Location: Two sections in northeast South Africa, near Mozambique and Zimbabwe. Size: 2,510 sq. mi. (6,500 sq. km.). Population: 480,000.

Who Really Rules: South Africa granted "independence" to Venda in September, 1979, as the homeland of 600,000 Venda-speaking South African blacks. Venda gets half its food, all its mineral fuel, and five sixths of its budget from South Africa, and two thirds of its male work force is employed in South Africa. President Patrick Mphephu lost in the 1978 elections, but he retained his position by arresting opposition members of the assembly. South Africa has an air force base in Venda, and South African troops guard its border with Zimbabwe.

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