World Country Sudan

About the world country Sudan, its location, size, population, and who is in power.



Location: South of Egypt in northeastern Africa. Size: 967,495 sq. mi. (2,505,813 sq. km.), Africa's largest nation. Population: 19,573,000 (52% black, 39% Arab, 6% Beja).

Who Really Rules: Gen. Jaafir al-Numeiry, who seized power in 1969, is the president, and his Sudan Socialist Union is the only legal political organization. Numeiry holds power because of his ability to balance the interests of the numerous ethnic and regional groups that make up the Sudan's population, but his grants of regional groups that make up the Sudan's population, but his grants of regional autonomy have been limited. Coup attempts and repression campaigns are frequent, and they allegedly involve factions backed by various foreign governments, including Libya, Iraq, and the Soviet Union.

Sudan depends heavily upon foreign aid and loans to support its finances. The International Monetary Fund, acting on behalf of Western and Arab financial interests, has imposed cutbacks in government spending. Sudan is cooperating with Egypt to build the massive Jonglei Canal to make additional Nile River water available for irrigation in the arid northern region. Western governments refuse direct participation because of environmental controversies, but their financial aid makes construction possible. Sudan hopes that the canal and other development programs will turn the country into the "breadbasket" of the Middle East.

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