World Country Suriname

About the world country Suriname, its location, size, population, and who is in power.



Location: Northwestern corner of South America, between Guyana and French Guiana. Size: 63,037 sq. mi. (163,265 sq. km.). Population: 421,000 (37% East Indian, 31% Creole--black and mixed, 15% Javanese, 10% Djuka--descendants of runaway slaves living in interior, 3% American Indian).

Who Really Rules: Leadership of the ruling National Military Council has shifted since its junior officers seized power, ostensibly over pay and work conditions, in February, 1980. Civilian politics are tied to ethnic loyalty, and Creoles are historically dominant. The Netherlands, which granted independence in 1975, is Suriname's major source of foreign aid. Bauxite, mined by subsidiaries of Alcoa and Royal Dutch Shell, is by far the largest sector of the economy. It provides about 40% of government revenues and represents about 85% of all exports. However, the industry employs only 6,000 people.

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