World Country Swaziland

About the world country Swaziland, its location, size, population, and who is in power.



Location: Landlocked in southern Africa, surrounded by South Africa and Mozambique. Size: 6,704 sq. mi. (17,363 sq. km.). Population: 572,000 (96% black, 3% white, 1% mixed).

Who Really Rules: Since 1973 Swaziland has been under the absolute rule of King Sobhuza II, who has held the throne since 1921. Sobhuza is sick, however, and regardless of who his family chooses as a successor, real power will probably transfer to the surprisingly independent prime minister, Mabandla Dlamini. Dlamini has established an investigation of government corruption, released members of the major leftist opposition party--all parties are outlawed--and improved relations with Mozambique.

Reportedly, whites own 44% of Swaziland's farmland, while the king holds most of the rest in trust for its traditional farmers. The economy is wide open to foreign investors from South Africa, Japan, and elsewhere, and the country is a gambling and tourist center for South Africans.

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