World Country Thailand

About the world country Thailand, its location, size, population, and who is in power.



Location: In Southeast Asia, between Laos and Burma, and along the isthmus of the Malay Peninsula. Size: 198,456 sq. mi. (514,000 sq. km.).

Population: 50,025,000.

Who Really Rules: Although Thailand presently has an elected two-house legislature, it is actually ruled by a coalition of army officers, wealthy businessmen, and the royal family. Gen. Prem Tinsulanonda is prime minister. Boonchu Rojanasthien, former head of the Bangkok Bank, is deputy premier for economic affairs. King Phumiphon Adunadet's formal powers are limited, but he and his family are still influential.

Since W.W. II Thailand has been governed by regimes--usually headed by army men--sympathetic to the U.S. Although capitalist-oriented, these governments have limited foreign involvement in the economy, choosing to promote their own corrupt state-owned enterprises. In 1980, however, Boonchu announced his "Thailand, Inc." policy, backed by the World Bank, under which Thailand has swung its economic doors wide open to multinational corporations.

The Thai central government has a long history of administration over the ethnic Thai central plains of the country, but it has never maintained tight control over the remote north, northeast, and southern areas. In those zones, insurgent movements led by the Communist party of Thailand claim control over "liberated areas."

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