World Country The Netherlands

About the world country The Netherlands, its location, size, population, and who is in power.



Location: North Sea coast of Europe, between Belgium and Germany.

Size: 15,770 sq. mi. (40,844 sq. km.) (9% inland water). Population: 14,233,000.

Who Really Rules: During the 1970s the social democratic Labor party used rising offshore natural gas revenues to finance a comprehensive minimum income program for all retired and working-age citizens. That program, and the Labor party, are backed by the Federation of Dutch Unions (FNV). Rising taxes, however, brought narrow victory to a center-right coalition government in 1977. Headed by the Christian Democrats and backed by the Dutch Employers Federation, the new government has attempted to slow the growth of government spending.

All that remains of the Dutch Empire, which included Indonesia and Surinam, are the Netherlands Antilles. Dutch corporations, however, have kept their own overseas empires. Three of the largest multinational corporations in the world are Dutch-owned--Philips' Gloeilampenfabrieken (electronics), Unilever (food), and Royal Dutch Shell--the latter two being jointly held with British interests.

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