World Country United Arab Emirates

About the world country United Arab Emirates, its location, size, population, and who is in power.



Location: Along the southern edge of the Persian Gulf, between Qatar and Oman. Size: 32,278 sq. mi. (83,600 sq. km.). Population: 900,000, 80% of whom are foreign.

Who Really Rules: The U.A.E. is a loose federation of seven princely states, governed by the Supreme Council of the emirs of each state. President Sheikh Zayid, emir of Abu Dhabi, the largest, most populous, and richest state, uses his oil money to promote unification and modernization. He is generally allied with the growing commercial class, which is represented by the appointed, advisory National Council. Sheikh Rashid of Dubai, the second most populous and second-richest emirate, was brought into the Federalist camp in 1979, when he was made prime minister. Great Britain, the former colonial power in the region, still runs the U.A.E. military and advises key ministries, while Saudi Arabia and Kuwait exert direct influence on the Supreme Council.

With perhaps the highest per capita income in the world, the U.A.E. is able to provide basic services for most of its population while wasting huge sums on useless building programs and corruption. Expatriates and immigrants, largely from the Middle East and South Asia, make up most of the work force, but there are no labor unions.

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