World Country Uruguay

About the world country Uruguay, its location, size, population, and who is in power.



Location: Between Brazil and Argentina, on the southeastern coast of South America. Size: 68,037 sq. mi.(176,215 sq. km.). Population: 2,954,000.

Who Really Rules: Since 1973 real power in Uruguay has been in the hands of the military leaders who make up the National Security Council. Leftist political parties and unions have been banned, and several thousand people have had their political rights suspended until 1991.

The two traditional parties-National, or Blanco, representing the cattle-raising aristocracy, and Colorado, party of the industrial and commercial class-are allowed to operate under military supervision. The military has announced plans for a presidential election in 1981, in which the armed forces will pick a single candidate in conjunction with the Blanco and Colorado parties.

Representatives of the two traditional parties and the leftist Broad Front met in Mexico in late 1980 to form the Democratic Convergency, a united opposition to military rule.

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