World Country West Germany

About the world country West Germany, its location, size, population, and who is in power.



Location: The south and western two thirds of present-day Germany, east of France, Belgium, and the Netherlands in central Europe.

Size: 95,976 sq. mi. (248,577 sq. km.). Population: 60,948,000.

Who Really Rules: West Germany is a multiparty parliamentary democracy, governed by a coalition of the labor-oriented Social Democratic party and the liberal Free Democrats. The largest party, the conservative Christian Democratic party leads the opposition.

West Germany has one of the strongest capitalist economies in the world. Though U.S. companies still control important German enterprises, German-based companies are buying into U.S. corporations as well. The German currency, the deutsche mark, anchors the European monetary system. West Germany's major trade partners are its Common Market partners and the U.S., but it also carries on more trade with the Soviet Union than any other Western country. The U.S. still stations 200,000 troops in West Germany, but the Social Democratic government frequently disagrees with U.S. military policy in NATO.

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