World Country Zambia

About the world country Zambia, its location, size, population, and who is in power.



Location: Landlocked in southern Africa, east of Angola, south of Zaire. Size: 290,585 sq. mi. (752,614 sq. km.). Population: 6,113,000.

Who Really Rules: Zambia is governed by President Kenneth Kaunda and his United National Independence party, the single legal party. The only organized opposition has centered in the Bemba tribal group, from Zambia's mining belt.

Zambia's economy is dependent upon the export of copper and cobalt. Although the government owns 51% of the mining operation's shares, foreign corporations are still in control. In addition, foreign banks and governments, working through the International Monetary Fund, exert enormous influence over the Zambian economy in exchange for their loans.

Generally considered pro-Western, Kaunda concluded a major arms purchase agreement with the Soviet Union in early 1980.

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