You Be the Judge The Ted Bundy Court Case Part 4

About the Ted Bundy case of murder, history of the trial. Read the facts and decide for yourself.


The Theodore Bundy Case (1979)

The prosecution's mass of circumstantial evidence was further shown to link at least seven other men to some or all of the crimes for which Bundy was blamed. For example, another "Ted," a convicted sex offender, lived in Seattle at the time of the murders there and moved to Aspen before Caryn Campbell was killed. His co-workers at Snowmass, the resort development where Campbell was vacationing, say the man was violent toward women. He was absent from work the day Campbell was murdered; the next day he quit his job and left town. Furthermore, at a pretrial hearing in the Campbell case, before Bundy escaped from jail, an eyewitness who said she saw Bundy at the Wildwood Inn just before Campbell disappeared failed to identify him. Even in the DaRonch case, in which Bundy was convicted, there was another suspect who owned a pair of handcuffs, fit the description of DaRonch's assailant more closely than did Bundy, and later killed a Utah woman.

Throughout his legal ordeal, Bundy repeatedly proclaimed himself innocent of all charges. He accumulated a large following of people who thought likewise, including members of the legal profession and journalists who followed his trials.

Your Verdict: Is it necessarily out of character for a Mormon Republican to commit mass murder? What's your opinion? Was Ted Bundy guilty, or was he just unlucky enough to be caught in a web of circumstantial evidence? For the real-life verdict, read on.

The Real-Life Verdict: Ted Bundy was convicted of killing Lisa Levy, Margaret Bowman, and Kimberly Leach and was given three death sentences. After pronouncing the sentence in the Levy and Bowman cases, in which Bundy had assisted in his own defense, the judge said to him, "Take care of yourself. I say that to you sincerely. It's a tragedy to this court to see such a total waste of humanity. You're a bright young man. You'd have made a good lawyer. I'd have loved to have you practice in front of me." At the time of this writing, Ted Bundy is on death row in Florida, awaiting an appeal of his case.

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