People who Loved World Peace in times of War

Peacelovers and Pacifists in Times of War Introduction
Ancient Egyptian Pacifist Pharoah Ikhnaton
Christian Pacifist Monk and Martyr Telemachus
Russian Writer and Pacifist Leo Tolstoy
American Reformer and Pacifist Jane Addams
Indian Civil Rights Leader and Pacifist Mohandas Gandhi
Anti-War Congresswoman and Pacifist Jeannette Rankin
Labor Rights Leader and Pacifist Abraham Johannes Muste
Russian Pacifist Vassilij Tarakin
Japanese Social Reformer and Pacifist Toyohiko Kagawa
American Pacifist Corbett Bishop
American Pacifist David Dellinger
American Labor Leader Cesar Chavez
American Civil Rights Leader Martin Luther King, Jr.
American Comedian and Pacifist Dick Gregory
Vietnamese Student and Pacifist Nhat Chi Mai

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